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I am the heir of a family business and currently studying at 611 Bible School / Jeremy

I am the heir of a family business and currently studying at 611 Bible School

As a young man I initially worked in the family business and was about to inherit the family business. In secondary school, I came to 611 Church and had a profound experience of God. I was incredibly touched by God and determined to serve the Lord for the rest of my life. 


However, in the face of my family’s opposition and persecution of my faith, I gave up the call in my heart, thinking that nothing was possible. Even after I got married, to give my wife and daughters a better life and to avoid conflicts with my parents, I chose to go the way of the world, and in this way, our family drifted further and further away from God.

I remembered that in June 2021, my father-in-law, Pastor Lu, passed away due to illness, and his departure was like a wake-up call to me and my wife. My father-in-law had passed away in the Lord with faith and honor, he had served the Lord with all his heart and soul, and before he passed away, he reminded his children daily to “put God first, then man, then the earth”. I began to think about what I was pursuing in my life.

After returning to Hong Kong, Ps Joshua and C-Mo met with us and encouraged us to leave the mountains of the world and answer God’s call. We moved from the big house my parents had given us to the place nearby the church. Determined to let go of the advantages that the world had brought us, I bravely expressed to my parents my determination to become a pastor in the future and left the family business. Thanks to God, I could finally be admitted to the Bible School in April 2022. It’s all by God’s grace and His work.

I treasure and enjoy every day in the Bible School. Every day the Holy Spirit reminds me to let go of the values that the world has brought to me in the past, and I am deeply inspired by every teacher, pastor, and co-worker who shares their relationship with God and their experiences in life. Their life experiences are like fertilizer converted from food waste, and they are then turned into nutrients for everyone.

I also enjoy connecting with my classmates in the Bible School. Be it the sharing during morning devotion, in the Contemplation Camp, meals together after class, or going on picnics with teachers and classmates, I treasure them all very much. I have many spiritual companions in the Bible School, and we can encourage one another, love one another, and learn how to become a tree of life together.

I am very thankful because the teaching of the Bible School has not only helped my relationship with my wife become sweeter but also broken through my relationship with those in authority. I used to be a man of limited capacity, but now I am trying to learn to “deny oneself” more, to let go of myself to bear my wife’s burdens, and I have learned to stop arguing about what is right and wrong and to understand my wife’s feelings and express my own.

Today, our family is full of the aura of the Tree of Life while my wife is free and joyful, and our two daughters are growing healthily in the love of the Tree of Life family. All the glory goes to our Heavenly Father!