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Respond to call; Equipped at Bible School; Reset my life; Enter God’s destiny / Chun-Mui TSE

Before enrolling in 611 Bible school, I was a Mandarin Teacher.

Respond to call; Equipped at Bible School; Reset my life; Enter God’s destiny.

Up until 2020 I was a Mandarin teacher. This was the year of my calling by God to set aside my job, and to be equipped at 611 Bible School. I am eternally grateful that all aspects of my life were reset through the two-year equipping at the Bible School.

Chun-Mui TSE

I loved the morning devotions throughout my equipping journey, where the truth of God was spoken into my life. All my old mindsets and habits, inherited from my earthly family and my cultural background , were demolished. In our daily morning devotions, as I thirsted for the Word of God, I was inspired to share Scripture with my teachers and classmates. Through the sharing of Scripture I recognized the power of the Word of God, and its correction and edification of us. The Bible says, in Psalm 119 v 130 “The unfolding of God’s words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” In the “response & prayer time” of morning devotions, I was constantly enlightened by the light of the Holy Spirit, confessing my sins with a contrite heart, experiencing God’s power of healing and deliverance.

In the Breath of the Tree of Life class, the teachers were very open about their lives. Their life experiences enabled us to look at the Tree of Life in a three-dimensional way, which helped align my views with God’s. I admired our teachers, who were opening up their authentic lives right before all the students. We could see that they were not simply feeding us head knowledge but impacting our lives with their life stories , thus enabling us to exhibit the breath of the Tree of Life in our own lives. I really appreciate the hearts of our teachers. Through this experience I discovered that whenever I aligned myself with the Tree of Life, I could face up to my life issues like pride, self-centeredness, and fear. This experience has thus helped me face my life struggles ,and make the necessary adjustments ,so that my life can exude with the breath of the Tree of Life.

With regards to discipleship, I used to place a lot of focus on ministry rather than relationship, resulting in sluggish ministry and strained relationships with co-workers. Since being equipped in the Bible School, I realize I had misplaced my priorities. The right order is for relationship to come before ministry as Jesus’ examples teach us. Only in a relationship of love will we achieve unity and synchronize our steps with God.

Praise God! The two years at Bible School flew past in the twinkle of an eye. Yet my life has been reset, emptied, and refilled with the new wine and oil. I can embark on the journey of discipleship again, consumed with the fire of serving God in my heart and entrusting my whole life into the hands of God. May I glorify God’s name with my life!