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No more “doing” but live out father’s “being” / Michael Loo

I enrolled at 611 Bible School. I was once an elder in marketplace and an engineering project director.

No more "doing" but live out father’s “being”

From 2015 to 2017, my work and the ministry of my previous church were at rock bottom. Physically, emotionally and spiritually I was weary and tired as I had lost direction and hope for the future. During that painful period, we kept seeking God regarding our way ahead. Under God’s amazing guidance, I came to 611 in 2017.

Michael Loo

When my wife and I listened to the 611 Core Values and the teaching about the Couples’ Four Mountains online, our eyes were wide open. The Holy Spirit illuminated us that we had made a lot of mistakes and we had been deceived. Thus we started applying our newly acquired values in our family and workplace and we have experienced great turnaround.

In autumn of 2018, by God’s Grace, we joined 611 “Pastor Couples’ Camp”. There Pastor Joshua and C-Mo invited us to be equipped in the Bible School. Knowing that it was a calling from God, I quitted my job in Macau and enrolled day-time Bible School with my wife in April 2019.

Unlike conventional seminary which places more focus on academia and theological knowledge, 611 Bible School focuses on breakthrough and growth of student’s life. During the two years at the Bible School, we experienced great and small miracles. My broken relationship with my father of 30 years is reconciled. He was even willing to receive God’s salvation by turning to Christ.

My great contentment and satisfaction are to witness the life transformation and growth of my cell members. It is my desire to be a mature spiritual father, nurturing my offspring and building them up as Kingdom disciples.

In the course of Contemplation of Christ, I was most impressed with “the parable of the prodigal son”. The pastor inspired us with an innovative insight, which was to contemplate from the perspective of the father of the prodigal son. During the contemplation, I recalled the 3 cell members whom I used to pastor but had left the church finally. God healed my heart through the contemplation and I am not afraid of being rejection in discipleship.

The Breath of Tree of Life lessons stirred up our hearts. We do identify with the discipleship concepts Pastor Joshua and C-Mo shared. They mentioned that we should birth a family. As the children surrounded and affirmed by parents’ love, they will come back to life. Moreover, we agree that we should live out our “BEING” under the Tree of Life so that we don’t need to keep “DOING” to satisfy ourselves and demand others to change. Thankfully, God has given us more sheep. Now I have turned from a coach to a father while my wife is joyful being a mother of many children. Here we have witnessed the hope of finding heaven on earth. God is real and the church is the house of God! ■