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Embark on a journey of re-structuring life, emptying and filling

I am enrolled in 611 Day-time Bible School, I was a secondary school teacher

Embark on a journey of re-structuring life, emptying and filling

Thank God for bringing me to 611 Youth Church when I was young. I have been healed by the Holy Spirit, and grow up under the nurturing of pastors. Back then, I was determined to receive full time training in order to be a Levite in the future.

Brother Joash Chow


After my university graduation, I worked in the education field where I was greatly appreciated. At one point, I thought I would be a teacher all my life. However, God called me again in 2018. In faith I responded to His calling, and received the vision of “equipping Kingdom workers, building Youth Army”. Hence, I quitted to be a teacher and joined the 611 Leadership Institute to be equipped.

Growing up in church, I am always zealous in studying the Bible. Moreover, I had received traditional theological training. To me, Day-time Bible School was merely another way to increase my knowledge. Little did I know that my life has been rebuilt, emptied and filled in these two years.

There was teacher-student sharing once every week when teachers and students shared the lights they had received from reading Bible. From that, I know how everyone longs to know the Truth. Group sharing is very different from a personal devotion time. Through sharing, we received richer and fresher revelations. In the Bible School, I did not just gain knowledge but I also learned from the open and real life testimonies of each teacher. Not only are they Bible teachers, but more so, they are witnesses to the power of the Gospel. Our life journey is not about accumulating knowledge. Compared with the mounting theological theories, the life stories of the bible school teachers show me how real God’s Glory is and how the Heavenly Kingdom is unfolding in our midst. Giving up on pursuing reasons and knowledge, I re-learned to embrace the reality of life and beautiful relationships in the house of God.

Another emptying for me was to learn humility and let the Holy Spirit work in my life. From many different classmates in the Bible school, I have heard how each of them gave up their professions, high paid jobs, comfort zones and work schedules to humbly serve one another and humbly submit to teachers and pastors. The flexibility in their life and how serious and longing they are to the divine calling stand out to me. Then I realize more how stubborn and biased I am. Therefore, I am willing to learn the humility and gentleness from my classmates. In the past, I was a rational person who considered the Bible to be mere words. Thank God for the “Contemplation of Christ” lesson, training on the life expository preaching and the Breath of the Tree of Life lesson … the list goes on. Many times, I was touched by the Holy Spirit during lesson and many times, I saw my own weaknesses. I keep opening up the low points of my life. Through all these, I was made to understand more of God’s Heart and His Grace. Thank God for His wonderful works so that I may have this opportunity to rebuild my faith and empty my life.

Praise the Lord, in the blink of an eye, two years passed. While I was rebuilding and emptying my life, I was also taking on a lot. Everything I have experienced in the Bible School builds up my faith so that I can be a more ready vessel for God to use.