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No more “Doing, Dull, Dry”, instead receive “Being, sentence flow, tree of life”

I am enrolled 611 Day-time Bible School and I was a secondary school principal.

No more "Doing, Dull, Dry", instead receive "Being, sentence flow, tree of life"

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
…no one could put Humpty Dumpty together again.”

All these years, I have been a very doing person; Constantly teaching, teaching and more teaching! Doing! Dull! Dry! I was like a little round Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall! 

Ada Ng

After two years of studying in Bible school, I was greatly broken as I realized my ways to care, evangelism, poem reading, and preaching, all things I thought I could do very well, were twisted. In my brokeness, I could see my true self.

I am grateful that I was the last student enrolled in 2018, I received life nurturing teaching in the Bible School, super fertilizer from pastor Joshua and Cmo, and value for my own Being.

In the past two years, I have benefited most from the sentence flow class. Pastor Joshua diligently taught how to differentiate between subjects, verbs, and participles to lead his students to understand God’s Word. Now, I am even more enthusiastic about ten minute preaching and Bible studying. Through the teacher’s comments, I understand better how to absorb God’s words and follow God’s will.

In the Life series class, what left a deep impression on me was learning about the different kinds of “offerings.”. As a Levite, understanding the meaning behind each offering helped me to see God’s mercy and love for people, which helped me respect God and truly repent of my sins.

In the Church series, I received the commission to be a missionary as a part of the army of God. On top of that, I learned that first, we must become ONE tree of life and connect with others. Only then can one lead the next generation, helping them become cell leaders, as well as helping to support cell members to become a tree of life. The 611 mission will flow all over the earth. I am grateful that I have been assigned to go to Malaysia for short-term missions, to spread the true light of the Lord to Penang, and to serve with teachers.

In the Spirit series, I learned the biblical basis of prayers for healing and the biblical perspective of illness. Through the teaching in the books Hosea and Habakkuk, I learned to stay alert every day, know the Lord better, understand God’s will, and boldly preach God’s Word.

I am thankful for Pastor Joshua, C-Mo and all the pastors for teaching in action and Word. This enabled me to understand the mystery of God’s Word. Moreover, I learned to align my perspective with God’s, focus my preaching and connect deeper with God. In the past two years under the tree of life, I have been healed, nurtured, and filled with joy!

May God continue to enable every student to align with God’s Vision, arise to be a shepherd and plant the Tree of Life everywhere! Amen! ■ (Sister Ada Ng)