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Rise to the End Time Great Revival – Now!

Rise to the End Time Great Revival – Now!

2020 is the year when people meet the most unprecedented challenges around the world. But everything is in the hands of God. The hardest moments turned out to be the sweetest moments. The most distressful moments turned out to be the moments when people experienced the most tangible presence of God! This is what 611 has experienced and I hope that you will also embark on such an amazing journey.

Pastor Joshua Cheung


In the end times, it is destined that in the midst of a lot of shaking and judgement, there will be a big harvest. According to the conventional teaching, darkness and hopelessness will be prevalent in the end times until the return of the Lord. Although the impact of the devil’s attack will be devastating, with the beast of the earth and the beast from the sea manifesting themselves by drawing their power from the dragon, causing severe damages to the world and even to the church, we are still the children of God. We believe that when persecution comes, the work of the Holy Spirit is even more powerful! In the end times, darkness may prevail and temptations may appear to be irresistible, but the work of the Holy Spirit will be even bigger. We may be facing more assaults, yet as we operate from the Kingdom of God, more power will be given to us to reap the big harvest. And we are here now for this special season.

This is the time to answer the call to serve in full-time ministry and to get equipped in the Leadership Institute! Brothers and sisters in the marketplace, you shall also rise up and gear up yourselves while working. As the world will be filled with more evil, we need to be better-equipped and work more diligently to meet different challenges ahead, persevering and waiting until the fulfillment of the purposes of the Lord.

Thanks to the Lord, due to the pandemic, 611 Leadership Institute has already switched to online learning. Although the Academy may suffer losses, and the teachers cannot fly to different branch churches to deliver the lessons in person, by the Lord we had experienced breakthroughs in the limitation of space and time in this new mode of teaching. All the 33 branches in 11 different countries started online learning simultaneously. I believe that 611 is truly led by the Holy Spirit, as everything is in the hands of God.

God, our Lord, is faithful. We are like Issac, even in the times of famine, he was still greatly blessed with the favor of God, prospering day by day to reap a hundred-fold harvest. All we need to do is to follow God. God brought me back to Hong Kong to serve in the ministry and gave us the vision of 611 Tree of Life. God is truly faithful. He will certainly continue to use us. The great revival shall come very soon in these times of turmoil. Let all the Chinese around the world form a big army, putting individual differences behind, and rise to the big harvest in the end times!

I have witnessed how swiftly the Holy Spirit had moved in 611. It’s time to move forward! Brothers and sisters, the fields are ripe for harvest. The world-wide planting of Trees of Life will be further expedited, expanding to different parts of the world, to reap the souls and to plant the Trees of Life. The pace of God is getting faster and faster, and the work of the Holy Spirit is even stronger. Let’s get ourselves ready, enlist ourselves into the equipping program of the Tree of Life, and meet the arrival of the big harvest in the end times!