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Tree of Life Sprout Nurturing Workshop / Pastor Daniel Poon

I soaked in 611 Leadership Institute, now I pastor a church in New Zealand

Tree of Life Sprout Nurturing Workshop

We are thankful that for the past four months, we were able to soak in 611 whilst studying in the Bible School.

Different from the seminaries we have attended, 611 Bible School is not about passing on methodologies or theological knowledge; instead it allows students to be discipled first, building up their lives.  Afterward, they shall rise up to disciple others. This is the establishment of the Nurturing Workshop for the Tree of Life Sprout churches.

Pastor Daniel Poon and his wife


From the Life series, we learn how to deal with our old selves, how to obey, and how to wield spiritual weapons. Life foundation is built by the Truth through the Scripture series, including practical expository preaching.  The Spirit series heals and renews lives while the Word of God (which is full of life) brings down revelatory and powerful ministry.  Practical sacraments and the overview of the ministry are shared in the Church series. The 611 Bible School focuses on putting the teaching into real life, and raising up disciples through life. Therefore, there are plenty of practice opportunities for students.

We used to attend different conferences around the world, desperate to learn and receive church building material or the secret formula for church revival. Coming to the 611 Bible School, we realize and experience that “Healthy Things Grow”. First of all, we align our lives with God, influence others through our lives, and put discipleship and relationship first. In the past, we were accustomed to do everything by ourselves, but now, we understand and learn how to build up co-workers, raise up disciples and establish our team.

We are thankful that during this time, our lives are being made whole – being renewed and transformed in the rich nurturing soil of the 611 Bible School. Not only are we healed and restored from the emotional hurts from our families, but also our couple relationship has experienced immense breakthrough: We no longer focus on work delegation – instead, we boldly clash with one another in understanding and acceptance, so that we experience the beautiful outcomes of us serving together.  Moreover, through true light and the Truth, our true feelings have been restored.  This enables us to regard people and things around us by the overflowing love and mercy within us.  We were ministry-orientated before, caring much about our performance. But now, being connected to the Tree of Life, we cherish life and relationship. Because of such change, our perspectives and attitudes towards our 5 children and co-workers are totally different, and hence our relationships experience breakthrough and reconciliation. Coming out of fear and slave mentality, we bond in love with warmth.  In 611, we ourselves become the Tree of Life. With a healthy life, we are going back to New Zealand to plant the Tree of Life church.■

(Pastor Daniel Poon and his wife are senior pastor and C-Mo of South Auckland Bread of Life Christian Church in New Zealand)