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Real Weapons and Real Skills to Shape Lives


Real Weapons and Real Skills to Shape Lives

Having been senior pastors for many years, we are truly thankful for the acceptance of Pastor Joshua and C-Mo during our soaking time here. As we have made the most of our time observing and learning from the mother church, we have benefited much.

康忠義 牧師夫婦


What is unique about the Bible School? First of all, the curriculum richly meets the needs of the students in future church pastoral care – the real weapons and the real skills. Secondly, I notice that Bible study is conducted upon the truths of ‘Pastoring Church’ and ‘Discipleship,’ which is a solid help to the soaking pastors like us. One can tell that students are very serious in studying. But one thing matters more than hard-studying is that lives are being shaped in the Bible School, making the Bible School stand out among all seminaries.
Once, a pastor from Taiwan told me, “Take note of their good as well as their bad.” Yet after prayer, the Holy Spirit reminded me, “Every church has her own problems. But can you faithfully apply all the ‘good’ things you have learned from 611 in your own church for the coming 10 years?” If one may attain to the scale 611 has now reached, he shall have a good account to give to God! Truthfully speaking, through the leadership of Pastor Joshua and C-Mo, I have come to realize that 611 Church has been “home-grown”, which means it is not established by any methods or theories. Rather it is founded on the truth of “the Tree of Life”, something we should soak in all our lives.
Once, a church co-worker asked me, “How do I tell if someone prunes me for good or for harm?” Truly, we are to learn to trust our authority but how can we be certain that they love us and prune us out of good intention? During the soaking time, the submission I see in the church is not because Pastor Joshua and C-Mo are perfect. Instead, it is because they are humble and willing to repent which makes them open to be reminded and renewed by the Holy Spirit continuously. That is why I follow and obey.
During soaking time, having acquainted myself with 611 pastors and co-workers and getting to know the church, I understand more that the very moment I stop repenting, I shall cease to be renewed by the Holy Spirit. Whenever I decline to humble myself but insist that I am right by refusing to submit to the Holy Spirit, there and then my ministry ends.
Lastly, during the soaking, it has profoundly dawned on me as we eagerly and diligently strive to live as true sons or daughters and as good disciples who are close to their earthly authority and truthfully follow them, divine major breakthrough in spiritual realm shall come unexpectedly. Then, I comprehended more of what Jesus meant that “those who see the Son shall see the Father.” As we acknowledge our present authority, learning to be a real son and disciple to them, then we shall certainly receive the Father’s love and understand His heart. This knowledge is passed on not by teaching, but by soaking and following.
Throughout the whole soaking time, we followed the footsteps of Pastor Joshua and C-Mo and hence received all the spiritual inheritance that our Heavenly Father had bestowed on them. May we go together of one mind, and share the inheritance. ■ (The Pastor Kang Zhong-yi and his wife are pastors from Taiwan, currently the Senior Pastor and C-Mo of the Heavenly Spring 611 Bread of Life Christian Church.)