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Follow in Obedience, Abundant Grace from God


Follow in Obedience, Abundant Grace from God

I am Amy Grace from Taiwan. After working in a bank for nearly 30 years, I was accustomed to relying on myself and expecting highly of myself – but enjoying no freedom at work, and even neglecting how my family felt.

Amy Grace

former Senior Branch Manager of a Commercial Bank

When I finally put my busy work aside, God led me to rest and be equipped in the 611 daytime Bible School. Through morning devotion every day, God’s Word encourages me and transforms my old mindset. In the past, I was self-reliant and arrogant. Interestingly, God chose me to be deputy class monitor of the Bible School. This role requires of me great patience, to build relationship with classmates and even disciple them in love. Wonderfully, as I am willing to be adjusted and pruned, and humbly offer myself in serving, God widens my sight. Previously, achievement in ministry was my sole concern, but now, I am enjoying Bible School study. What delights me most is that my husband and I receive equipping, and are ordained as cell leaders. We are being discipled together, learning to obey authority by connecting with authority, and being close to their heart. In turn, we disciple the next generation. Everything that I am experiencing right now was not in my original plan, but God keeps renewing my life and giving me new revelations – so that through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, I shall transform into a 360-degree Tree of Life.

One of the assignments in the Spirit Series was to pray for 100 people – physical healing prayer and bringing them to Christ. Besides building up my courage, it also fostered my interaction with others. Through prophetic prayer, God healed the emotionally-suppressed and restored their self-confidence. As I realize that my ministry is a blessing to others, I no longer depend on my own ability and wisdom, but instead the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and I am enjoying the intimate partner relationship with the Lord.

As I give up the halo of the world and instead follow the Lord wholeheartedly, my family is being transformed. God’s provision for us is far beyond my imagination and expectation. I was largely and nicely surprised to find out that just my tithing in Hong Kong is more than my entire salary back in Taiwan! Praise the Lord for His wonderful provision! Right now, my whole family settles in Hong Kong where we serve God with one heart. His grace upon my family is beyond measure. ■ (Sister Amy Grace LIN, former Senior Branch Manager of a Commercial Bank, is now a fulltime student of 611 Leadership Institute and an ordained cell leader of 611.)