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Enter into destiny and prepare the way for the Lord / Pastor Fiona Yim


Enter into destiny and prepare the way for the Lord

Due to hurts in my marriage, I met with Jesus in 1996. Then I was astonished to find out that the Jesus whom I had read about in the bible during secondary school was the real God!  Since then, He has been leading me forward. Once, I was reading chapter 22 of the book of Revelation when the Lord said, “I am coming soon”.  Baffled, I asked the Lord, “It has been over 2000 years, why aren’t you coming?” The Lord replied, “There are far too few Christians preparing for my return!”There and then, I decided that I would do everything for the coming back of the Lord Jesus!

Pastor Fiona Yim

Wonderful 611 Bread of Life Christian Church.

God brought me to 611 in 2003 which was another stage of my personal encounter with God.  Here, I have witnessed many miracles, including the great transformation of people’s life and family, stirring up my deeper longing of the Lord.  In 2008, Pastor Jason encouraged me to join the day-time bible school.  At the time, I was unable to quit my job as pharmacist.  Yet my boss allowed me to attend bible school in the morning while working in the afternoon.  As I was obedient, I greatly experienced miracle and His mighty power!

The equipping in the leadership institute was comprehensive beyond my expectation as the Holy Spirit taught us according to our needs.  From the Bible School, I know I must pass on what I have and what I know.  That is why many of my disciples studied in the Bible School after me and some of them are 611 co-workers now. I do not settle to learn by myself, I always think of how to raise up my disciples, training and nurturing them, even blessing them to be closer to God’s heart than I am.  Moreover, Pastor Joshua keeps reminding us, “man is man and God is God”.  Man is of various restrictions, only God rules over all.  We do our very best and leave the outcome in God’s hand. What I learn in the Bible school is that when I truly commit to God the gain and loss in life, I shall enjoy total peace!

Finally in 2010, I left my pharmacy profession and became full-time staff at 611.  God has been leading me to different posts and ministries, including New-Comers Sower Department, MG Discipleship, Youth Zone, Power Ministry and even teaching in different branch churches.  In this way, I fully exercised what I had learned in Bible School.

Furthermore, in 2015, God brought me to pastor a branch church.  In such a new environment, I started everything anew – from tending the lamp in morning devotion, leading the staff team, discipling brothers and sisters to preaching the gospel through healing and deliverance and the sower course.  God’s hand was evident in our team.

That year was short but truly fulfilling.  The grace and power of God sustained us so that we all encountered God’s kindness and faithfulness.  During the planting period, many different vessels were raised up, from this, I know more of God’s heart for China.

Have been commissioned to Wonderful 611, I am enjoying this golden opportunity working alongside my biological sister and brother-in-law to build up the church.  From discipling new co-worker team and brothers and sisters, contacting new comers, to establishing different ministries; I am doing everything from the basic and yet I am serving with great delight and my burden is light. Being covered by the mother church and trained by God in many different ways, I strongly believe, the vision that the Lord shall be coming soon will be passed down.  I continue to shape the vessels given me by God wholeheartedly so that every one of them may embrace my vision and pass it down to generations. Come, Lord Jesus!■

(Pastor Fiona Yim is now serving in Wonderful 611 Bread of Life Christian Church.)