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Accelerate the Planting of Tree of Life Everywhere

Accelerate the Planting of Tree of Life Everywhere

Last July, 611 Bread of Life Christian Church successfully organized the Cruise Carnival where God wonderfully granted us the vision of “Planting trees of life (churches) everywhere in 52 years”. Praise the Lord that over the past year, we have set up 15 branch churches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, Ghana in Africa, making us of over 48 branch churches. Kuching Leadership Institute saw her first batch of graduates, a sign that cultivation of kingdom leaders in Malaysia has begun. Taipei 611 Leadership Institute has started as well, signifying the commitment of Bible School to “Planting Tree of Life” in Taiwan.

Pastor Jason Wang

The Dean of Leadership Institute

It is most worrying to see the unprecedented, serious social conflict in Hong Kong. The protesters present five appeals, including included retracting the proclamation of riots and withdrawing criminal charges against all protesters, all are indispensable to them. Yet the government insists zero tolerance for violence from the protesters. Both parties stand firm in their views, condemning the other side, and finding no common ground between them.

In fact, the atmosphere of “the tree of knowledge of good and evil” is heavily infused by and strong in Hong Kong now.

● The government and the protesters are opposing each other

Both sides hold fast to their own stance and consider those not supporting them as opposing them. Those not joining the demonstration are deemed without social conscience. If anyone sides with the police slightly, the demonstrators may gather to protest, besiege, and even sabotage.

● The protesters are also polarized

One group is named PRN (Peace, Rationality and Non-violence), insisting on peace,

rational and non-violence during protest. While the other group is dubbed the Valiant, believing not in simple and peaceful protest, but to fight intensely to see the government budge.

● The SAR Government is also in impasse

If the SAR Government insists that the Hong Kong police should handle the situation, the Hong Kong economy will only get worse. If the People Liberation Army is required to assist, immediate casualties would be inevitable.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil is a social problem that exists also in workplace and family. Under the tree of knowledge of good and evil, there are criticism, judgment, slander and hatred. On the contrary, as the Tree of Life, we talk not about being right or wrong, but forgiveness, embracing, shouldering responsibilities and loving one other. May God strengthen us, so that through the training of workers in our Leadership Institute, the planting of tree of life everywhere shall be quickened. May everyone throughout the whole earth accept, love and shoulder one another in greater extent.

The 611 Leadership Institute takes on the key role of planting tree of life everywhere, leading everyone into the Will of God. May I cordially invite those brothers and sisters who have attended our equipping courses – if you desire to know more about God, to continue with Joshua night-time Leadership Institute. God will greatly prosper you in the marketplace. If you have full time calling, you are encouraged to be cell leader first, experience the joy of discipleship and become a tree of life. Afterwards, you are more than welcome to enroll in our daytime Leadership Institute. God’s grace and wonders shall be with you greatly. ■