Launching a Blessed Marriage Mode

How to have a happier and more blessed marriage? Let us hear Pastor Joshua’s sharing during the service on 4 August –

‘Originally, God created Adam and Eve, one man and one woman, one husband and one wife, in order that they might be blessed, fruitful and subdue the earth. After man sinned, marriage relationship has been under curse. The wife should be helping the husband and pouring out her heart on him. However, in the cursed mode, as man lives in sin, the husband feels that the wife is always scolding him and nagging him, he can’t take in anything from his wife. The wife is simply trying to help the husband, but the husband feels being manipulated. This is the mode of marriage under curse.

Our marriage needs to turn to God’s blessed mode. The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him” (Genesis 2:18). In the blessed mode, the wife is created to help the husband. Thank God that brothers and sisters can turn their marriage from a cursed mode to a blessed mode through the couple’s camp held by church. Then the wife shall be the husband’s helper through her words. In Christ, this is possible. When the wife gives her husband some reminder, the husband is not to take it as scolding. Instead, he should agree with what the wife says, firmly believe that his wife is helping him and make appropriate response. In this way, marriage relationship is blessed.

Cell leaders, do your cell members encounter difficulties in their marriage relationship? There is a way out – pray for the husband to be willing to listen to his wife and receive her help. Pray also for the wife to be wise in expressing herself and be bold in helping her husband. •