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Receive the Peace of “I am the Lord”

During the monthly prayer meeting in July, Pastor Joshua shared the following:

Hark and treasure in heart the Ten Commandments, living water flows from within, despite any harsh circumstances, diminishes not the peace of “I AM”!

Pastor Joshua continued to elaborate, “God has covenanted with us in order that He would take us as His people and He be our God. If we obey His Ten Commandments, remembering His law by heart; He shall grant us peace, lifting us above all peoples. And certainly living water will well up from within us.”

“Facing adversities, what kind of water would flow from our belly – living water, stagnant water, dire water; water of cursing others, or water of kindness? In all situations, we shall respond with kindness for God is kindness. God said, “I am the Lord, which means, I am who I am”. He is the One who never changes, forever reigns and from Him comes unshakable peace. However appalling the situation Hong Kong is now in, the peace from the Lord and Jerusalem shall not diminish. May God bless us, the churches here, and Hong Kong.”