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Speaking Gracious Words to Nourish Lives

In our July monthly prayer meeting, C-Mo urged us to speak more blessings and praises over people. The following was her sharing:

Having met with the Principal of Renoir Primary School in Taiwan, I heard about a project their junior students do every year – to grow bean sprout. They are required to keep three pots of bean sprout, providing them with same amount of soil, water and temperature. They praise one pot of bean sprout daily, saying how strong and sturdy it is. Yet to the other pot, they curse, stating that it is of slow growth, stinky and ugly. To the third plant, neither do they praise nor curse. The Principal said the result remains same without fail – The plant that was praised had strong and beautiful growth, while the plant receiving negative words turned smelly after just few days, good for nothing and must be thrown away. The growth of the third pot is insignificant. This result demonstrates that beansprout is of life and is influenced by the words spoken over it.

Beansprout is affected by spoken words, let alone us and our children and our next generation. Do we choose blessing or curses? Regardless of blessings or curses we speak over children, they will take in. We need to be praised, encouraged and given hope and vitality. Doing so, our life will be better and better. If we are despised, cursed and rejected, our life will wither. The Bible says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (Proverbs 4:23) We have to praise our own heart-field, bless its soil, and the seeds we sow will continue to prosper and bear fruits hundred-fold. When our life is being nourished, we shall in turn nourish many.•