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4th May (Sat) Prayer Direction

In those days Peter stood up among the believers (a group numbering about a hundred and twenty) (Acts 1:15)

🙏 Pray and confess our sins
O Lord, forgive me for making my own decision, not praying and seeking you with others as I do not want to be robbed of my sovereignty. O Lord, I admit that I need spiritual partner. May God grant me a companion who can honestly share lives, support each other and walk on this faith journey together.

🙏 Pray for family altar
O Lord, may every family build an altar, offer thanksgiving to you daily and honor you. Wherever your name is remembered, there you shall bless our family, our clans and communities.

🙏 Pray for more people to engage in 247
O Lord, may we seek you as the 120 people of the early church did, igniting fire over all the earth with unceasing 247 prayers. Amen!