The design of “Mercy Seat Sanctuary”

The Cross of Ancient Time

A wall built from Jerusalem stones unfolds before our eyes at the entrance of our church and a cross made of aged wood, a work of art sculpted by Elder Zhang Jing, is hung on this wall whose stones come from the Holy City. There is a profound meaning in the Holy City and in the Cross, as it reminds us of eternal Salvation and that the Gospel is to go from here, back to Jerusalem.

Song of Ascents

As you take the escalators up towards the new Sanctuary, on both sides are the songs of ascents, Psalm 121 and Psalm 133. These encourage people to seek the Lord’s help in ascending God’s Sanctuary to appear before Him, and as they leave, with the determination to live in unity by responding in love for one another. 

Spirit of the Almighty

The magnificent wood carving named, Spirit of the Almighty, was a treasured piece that sculptor Elder Zhang Jing carved and stored in Taiwan. One night in 2012, the Holy Spirit spoke and asked him to take this work to the Mercy Seat Sanctuary as an offering. 

Spirit of the Almighty is composed of two sculptures of ancient wood and, just the Holy Spirit runs freely, it can be easily displayed in various configurations to indicate different meanings. The chiseled art work is straight and somber as if describing the greatness and majesty of God’s Creation; it also serves as a remembrance of the love He embraces the earth with. The word, “Spirit” reminds us that the Spirit of God is above the Mercy Seat and in His Sanctuary.

Fabric painting of Tree of Life, River of Life

In May 2014, after the construction work for the Mercy Seat Sanctuary was complete, our C-Mo Delphine was in pursuit of a fabric collage to illustrate Trees of Life. In August, Xiao Wen, a sister from Tainan, Taiwan, felt prompted to lead a team for this fabric project and they worked for months, sewing, and stitching with their best effort. These fruit-bearing Trees of Life grow on both sides of the River of Life. Under the blue sky, the nine little birds are symbolic of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Under the shade of the Trees, the five little sheep on the lawn represent multiplication, and the lively dog in the collage is, Kindness, a reminder that God’s Kindness is everywhere.