一、奔走飛快,追趕飛快 v.15-17
Fast runners chased by the same
1. 人肯 安息 得救得力 v.15
When people rest, they are saved and strengthened
2. 人若奔走 必死無疑 v.15c-17
When people keep running on their own, they run to death

二、等候施恩 等候有福 v.18-26
Wait for His Grace and His Blessings
1. 神聽你禱告 v.19
God Hears your prayer
2. 神賜你啟示 v.20-21
God Gives you revelation
3. 神賜你聖潔 v.22
God Gives you holiness
4. 神賜你豐盛 v.23-25
God Gives you abundance
5. 神賜你健康 v.26
God Gives your health