經文:以弗所書Eph 2:1-10

一、承認過去低得要死 v.1-3
Admit the past is too low to measure

1.跟流行 跟鬼魔 v.2
Follow trends, follow the devil

2.貪享受 隨己意 v.3a
Gratify cravings, follow desires

3.惹人厭 愛生氣 v.3b
Obnoxious, quick-tempered

二、感恩神賜屬天生命 v.4-7
Give thanks for the heavenly life from God

1.有基督捨命救贖 v.5
Christ died for the redemption

2.與基督一同復活 v.6a
Raised up with Christ

3.與基督同坐天上 v.6b
Seated in Heaven with Christ

三、活出基督至高傑作 v.8-10
Live out Christ’s highest masterpiece