一、西門待慢耶穌的檯 v.36-39
Simon’s Cool Reception Dinner

1.上賓的邀請,下賓的款待 v.36
An Honorable Guest, Dishonorable Reception

2.尷尬的場面,看你怎樣下台 v.37-38
An Embarrassing Situation, Can You Walk Down

3.心中議論,沒說出來 v.39,49
Murmuring Within, No Communication

二、耶穌翻檯:開西門的心 v.40-43
Jesus Open the Heart of Simon

1.西門,我有句話要對你說 v.40
Simon, I Have A Word For You

2.欠債比喻,誰得恩免多? v.41-42
A Parable of Debt Cancellation, Who Will Love Most?

3.你斷的不錯,但還是不夠 v.43
You Judged Rightly, But Not Enough

三、耶穌翻檯:開西門的眼 v.44-48
Jesus Open the Eyes of Simon

1.西門,你看見這女人麼? v.44
Simon, Do You See This Woman?

2.你沒有做的,她都做了 v.44–46
What You Failed To Do, She Did It All

3.愛的流露,是因生命被恩慈翻轉了 v.47-48
She Loved Much, For Kindness Has Overturned Her