經文 : 箴言 Proverbs 19:1-12; 20-23

一.不貪錢財 v. 1-3
Not be covetous
1.行為純正不怕窮 v.1
Walk in integrity and not be afraid of lack
2.要制止貪財的心 v.2
Banish the greedy soul
3.小心變成敵擋神的人 v.3
Be cautious of becoming someone against God

二.不靠朋友 v. 4-7
Not relying on friends
1.錢財吸引假朋友 v.4a,6
Wealth attracts false friends
2.貧窮失去好朋友 v.4b,7
Poverty loses close friends
3.仰望神說誠實話 v.5
Trust God and tell the truth

三.心中有神有聰明 v.8-10
Having God and wisdom in the heart
1.心中有神得生命 v.8a,9
Have God in the heart and receive life
2.保守聰明得好處 v.8b,10
Cherish understanding and prosper

四.不輕易發怒 v.11-12
Slow to anger
1.自己不發怒 v.11
Don’t get angry ourselves
2.避免王發怒 v.12
Don’t make the king angry

五.聽勸教有智慧 v.20-23
Listen to advice and become wise
1.心中跟從神 v.20-21
Follow God with our hearts
2.追求神的Kindness v.22
Desire God’s Kindness
3.敬畏神常知足 v.23
Fear God and rest content