Realign and become Hannah

張陳培南師母C-Mo Delphine、張戎牧師 Pastor Ruby
撒母耳上 1 Samuel 1-2

1. 以神為神, 向神傾訴 (1:1-18)
Treat God as God, Confide in God

a. 心裏愁苦,傾心吐意 (1:12-16)
Pour out her heart in deep anguish

b. 單純相信,不帶愁容 (1:17-18)
No longer downcast with simple faith

2. 蒙神顧念,整合感恩 (1:19-2:10)
Remembered by God, integrated and thankful

a. 蒙神顧念,永遠獻上 (1:19,22, 28)
Remembered by God, offered for life

b. 被神高舉,歡唱救恩之歌 (2:1-10)
Lifted up by God, sing the song of salvation

3. 繼續相信,繼續放手 (2:11-26)
Continue to believe, continue to let go

a. 面對世界,不失信心 (2:11-17)
Do not lose faith in face of the world

b. 傳愛放手,不斷蒙福 (2:18-21, 26)
Spread love and let go, blessings never ceased