一、春雨祈求的邀請 v.1-2
Invitation to Pray for Spring Rain

1. 春雨是神復興大地的祝福 v.1
Spring Rain is God’s Blessing to Renew the Earth
2. 祈求春雨是神的邀請 v. 1
God’s Invitation to Pray for Spring Rain
3. 春雨是神應許的作為 v. 2
Spring Rain is God’s Promise to Act

二、春雨牧養的祝福 v.3-7
The Blessing of Pastoring in Spring Rain

1. 羊群如駿馬在陣上 v.3
The flock will transform into majestic warhorse
2. 猶大家出房角石與掌權者 v.4
Arise from Judah cornerstone, wall peg, battle bow, and ruler
3. 勇士踐踏仇敵如泥土 v.5, 7
Warriors will trample enemies like the mud
4. 我必應允他們的禱告 v.6
I will hear their prayer

三、春雨更大的歸回 v.8-12
The Great Re-Gathering in Spring Rain

1. 他們的人數必加增 v.8-9
They will become numerous
2. 這地尚且不夠他們居住 v.10-11
Not enough room in their own land
3. 一舉一動必奉主的名 v.12
They will walk about in my name