經文:詩篇 Psalms 19篇

一、諸天傳揚神的悅納 v.1-6
Heavens proclaim God’s favor

1.無言的聲音述說神同在 v.1-4a
A silent voice declares God’s presence

2.不息的行動發出生命力 v.4b-6
An unceasing action releases the life force

二、神話語幫助人蒙悅納 v.7-10
The Word of God helps people to be accepted

1.神話語最具生命力 v.7-9
The Word of God is the most vibrant

2.神話語最寶貴 v.10
The Word of God is most precious

三、是神使人全然蒙悅納 v.11-14
It is God who makes man totally acceptable

1.人不能不犯罪 v.11-12a
Man is unable not to sin

2.唯靠神施恩蒙悅納 v.12b-14
Only by God’s grace man can be acceptable