經文:出埃及記 1-2

一. 神透過歷史來顯明計劃 創Gen15:13-14;出Exo1:1-7
God manifested His plan through history
1. 神向亞伯拉罕揭露心意 創Gen15:13-14
God revealed His will to Abraham
2. 神使以色列人生養眾多 出Exo1:1-7
God made Israelites increase and multiply

二. 神透過敬畏祂的人來掌權 出Exo1:8-22
God reigns through God-fearing people
1. 神翻開埃及歷史的新頁 出Exo1:8-14
God opened a new chapter for Egypt
2. 神透過收生婆來救男嬰 出Exo1:15-22
God saved the male infants through the midwives

三. 神興起救贖者來釋放 出Exo2
God raised up a deliverer to deliver
1. 神使摩西從水裡救出來 出Exo2:1-10
God rescued Moses from the waters
2. 神等待成熟的拯救時機 出Exo2:11-24
God waited for the right timing to save