一、父親啊!要分別為聖全然跟神 33:18-20
Fathers, Consecrate yourselves to Follow God!

二、女兒啊!要分別為聖不被玷污 34:1-4;46:15
Daughters, Consecrate Yourselves from any defilement!
1. 世界要吸引你 34:1-4
The world is luring you
2. 世界要玷辱你 34:2
The world is ruining you
3. 世界要同化你 34:8-10
The world is conforming you

三、兒子啊!要分別為聖不跟世界 34:6-31
Sons, Consecrate yourselves to not follow the world
1. 脫離世界體系 v.5-7,13-24
Set Apart from the World’s System
2. 不靠刀劍得勝 v.25-29
Depend not on swords and spears
3. 必要尋求神
Must Seek God

四、父親帶頭全家進入呼召和命定 35:1-15
Fathers Lead the family to the way of calling and Destiny
1. 聽神的話語而行 v.1
Listen to God and Walk in it
2. 開口傳遞神的話 v.2-3
Preach the Word of God
3. 棄絕一切的偶像 v.4-5
Renounce all idols
4. 築壇Shekinah入命定 v.9-15
Build Altars for “Shekinah”, Our Destiny