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Friday Night

Friday Night 講道


你的烏托邦系列一 我的快樂時代 Your-topia 1: My happy generation 屬天的快樂時代 Heavenly happy generation (太Matt 16:24-28) […]


我想你知 … I want you to know… 路加福音 15:25-32 一、關係隔離,很辛苦 (v25-32) Alienated in relationship is awfu […]


我感謝你 I want to thank you

It’s time to stand firm

It’s time to stand firm 周亦駿族長 MG leader Joash 1. 站在對的位置 Stand in the right spot (但 Dan 1:8-9) […]

Time to Trust

題目:Time to trust 患難中信靠神 Trust God during difficult times 經文:但以理書 Dan 3:8-30 講員:孫明真傳道 Pastor Esther 一 […]

It’s Time to Help

It’s time to help 患難中互相扶持成為安慰人的器皿 講員:許靜族長、許國之族長 MG leader Joey, MG leader Calvin 經文:林多後書一章 1-6 […]

Time to see

Time to see 李浩然 Co-worker Tim 1. Time to open: 完全敞開,相信不放手 (詩13:1-2, 5-6; 88:13, 18) 2. Time to see: […]


得着超乎萬民的智慧 (創 41) Receive wisdom above the nations Joanne 族長 MG leader Joanne 一、領受屬天智慧,進入豐盛命定 Receive […]

有神同在 逆境無懼

有神同在 逆境無懼 With God, be fearless in adversity 黃偉強族長 MG leader Wai Keung 1. 有神同在 凡事盡都順利 With God, succ […]


非凡時刻、非凡神蹟 Extraordinary times,extraordinary miracles 溫志雅族長 MG leader Alex Wan 1. 非凡時刻 (哈Hab 3: 16-17 […]

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