經文: 創世記Genesis 18:1-33; 21:1-5

一.期待神奇妙地臨到 v.1-8
Expect the wonderful presence of God
1.相信神會以任何形式臨到 v.1-2
Believe that God may appear in any possible way
2.熱情款待神 v.3-8
Host God with a great passion

二.用信心與神相交 v.9-33
Fellowship with God in faith
1.相信神每句話 v.9-15
Believe every word of God
2.以神看我的眼光看自己 v.16-33
See ourselves in the eyes of God

三.用信心等候神作工 創世記Genesis 21:1-5
Wait for God’s work by faith
1.等候神的話成就 v.1-2
Wait for the fulfillment of God’s word
2.跟從神的話 v.3-5
Follow God’s word