經文:以斯帖記Esther 5-7

一.奇妙的那日 That Day of Wonders (以斯帖記Esther 5)
1.信心進入「第三日」 v.1, 4:14b
Step into ‘ The third day ’ by Faith
2.王樂意應允所求 v.2-8
The King Gladly Granted the Request
3.哈曼懵然不知危機 v.9-14
Haman was Ignorant of the Danger

二.奇妙的那夜 That night of wonders (以斯帖記Esther 6)
1.神奇的三重恰巧 v.1-5
God’s Three-fold Coincidence
2.哈曼開始敗落 v.6-14
Haman Began to Fall

The moment of Wonderful Reverse (以斯帖記Esther 7)
1.王第三次應允所求 v.1-2
Third Time the King Granted her Wish
2.對的時機說對的話 v.3-6
Speak the right words at the right time
3.哈曼一錯再錯 v.7-10
Haman’s Repeated Mistakes