第四誡:當守安息日—進入帶領萬有歸於神的節奏 (下)
The fourth commandment: Consecrate the Sabbath day – Enter into the rhythm of leading all creatures to God (2)

張恩年牧師 Pastor Joshua
出埃及記 20:8-11

1. 進入歸於神的祝福 (出20:11​下;19:3-6;31:13​)
Enter into the blessing of totally belonging to God

2. 在萬有之上服事神 (出20:9-10;31:17​)
Minister to God above all things

a. 六日作神的使者服事萬物 (20:9)
For 6 days, be God’s ambassador to minister to all creation

b. 第七日帶領萬有服事神 (20:10​)
On the 7th day, head up all creation unto God