第五誡: 當尊榮父母,得壽 得地 得祝福
The 5th Commandment: Honor your parents, and receive long life, land and blessings

張恩年牧師 Pastor Joshua
出埃及記 20:12, 申命記 5:16

一. 當尊榮你的父母 (出Exo 20:12a;申Deu 5:16a)
Honor your father and your mother

二. 使你的日子長久 (出Exo 20:12b;申Deu 5:16b;弗Eph 6:2-3)
So that you may live long

三. 在賜你的地得福 (出Exo 20:12c;申Deu 5:16c)
It may go well with you in the land given to you