經文:利未記Leviticus 1-6

一. 燔祭:完全委身獻給神 1:1-9
Burnt Offering: Dedicate wholly to God
1. 全部獻上
Offer up everything v.3
2. 全心獻上
Offer up wholeheartedly v.6

二. 素祭:工作事奉尊榮神 2:1-2,11,13
Grain Offering: Honor God with work and ministry
1. 油乳香鹽不可少 v.1-2,13
Oil, frankincense and salt are indispensable
2. 一點酵蜜不可有 v.11
Little honey or yeast is forbidden

三. 平安祭:感恩同樂享筵席 3:1; 6-8; 7:15-17
Peace Offering: Be thankful and rejoice over the feast together
1. 份量要夠齊分享
The portion is enough for sharing v.6
2. 感恩還願要公開
Offer openly for thanksgiving and vows v.8

四. 贖罪祭:承擔過犯神赦免
Sin Offerings: Be accountable and God forgives
1. 按位份承擔過犯
Bear the consequences according to one’s status
2. 向神認罪神赦免 4:20,26,31,35; 約翰一書1 John 1:9
Confess to God and God forgives

五. 贖愆祭:道歉補償無罪愆
Trespass offering: Apology and compensation take away transgression
1. 對神對人皆道歉 5:1-7,11
Apologize to both God and people
2. 關係修復要補償 6:1-5; 馬太福音Matthew 5:23-24
Compensate to restore relationships