何傑牧師 Pastor Ho Kit
尼希米記 Nehemiah 6-12

The Vision of Tree of Life has been launched

A.615.52 完成的領受 6:15-16
615.52 as the Completion of the vision

B.611.724啓航的路標 9:1-8
611.724 as Signs of launching out

The Vision of Tree of Life is Torah

A.宣讀妥拉 (妥拉611) 8:1-3, 14-18
Reading Aloud the Torah (611)

B.悔改回歸分別為聖 9:32-38; 10:28-31
Repenting, Returning and Consecrating

The Vision of Tree of Life Shall be Completed

A.52年完成是累代成果 12:1, 10-11, 26
52 years of continuous effort

B.告成禮大大歡樂節慶 12:27-31, 36-40, 43
Dedication of Completion is a Joyous Celebration

C.供獻大禮遍植生命樹 12:43-47
Dedicating Big Offerings to Multiply the Tree of Life