I will serve God at all times!

陳安怡族長 MG Leader Anne
陳鼎立族長 MG Leader Lawrence
以弗所書 Ephesians 6:5-9

一、討神喜悅、作主忠僕 (弗 Eph 6:5-6)
Please God and be a faithful servant of the Lord.

二、全心全意、恩慈待人 (弗 Eph 6:7、可 Mark 14:7-9)
Treat people wholeheartedly and kindly.

三、整合待人、得神賞賜 (弗 Eph 6: 8-9、雅 Jas 2:1-4)
Treat others with integrity and receive rewards from God.