《Tree of Life Church Series》6

The Tree of Life Full of Peace: Philadelphia

經文:啟示錄 3:7-13

一、在主的道中,得勝再得勝 (v.7-9)
Victory upon victory in the Word of the Lord

1. 遵守主道天門敞開
Keep the Word of the Lord till eternity

2. 勝過撒但會衆攻擊
Overcome attack from the synagogue of Satan

二、在萬民中,顯出平安和冠冕 (v.10-11; 詩篇 122:6, 2:10)
Display peace and the crown amongst all people

1. 萬民試煉時有平安
Peace in the midst of universal trial

2. 忍耐努力不失冠冕
Endure patiently to keep the crown

三、向著永恆,展現新耶路撒冷恩膏 (v.12-13, 21:1-5, 21-27, 22:1-5)
Manifest the anointing of new Jerusalem facing towards eternity

1. 永遠在新耶路撒冷屹立 (v.12上, 21:1-5, 21-27)
Remain standing forever in new Jerusalem

2.滿有永恆的能力事奉神 (v.12下, 22:1-5)
Serve God with great eternal power