Glory and Unity

經文:約翰福音Jonn 17:1, 4, 5, 10, 22-24

一. 求合一前,先求與父神榮耀持續的互動
Before praying for unity, ask for the continuous interactions with the glory of the Father God

1. 此時此刻榮耀的互動 約Joh17:1
Glorious interaction here and now

2. 人子地上一生榮神益人的總結 約Joh17:4
From strength to strength

3. 從亙古到現在共榮共尊 約Joh17:5
Share the glory and honor from the past to present

4. 從教會得榮耀的先見與預言 約Joh17:10,Eph3:21
Receive from the church the glorious insight and revelation

二. 人類、教會不合一的根源
The root of disunity in mankind and church

1. 犯了罪,虧缺神的榮耀—伊甸園內外合一的失落
Sin and fall short of God’s glory – the fall of the unity inside and outside of the Garden of Eden

2. 缺少神的榮耀,追求世界虛浮的榮耀 約Joh5:41,44
Lacking the glory of God, seeking the vain glory of the world

3. 不求上頭來的智慧,卻自以為有智慧 雅Jas3:13-18
Do not seek wisdom from above, but esteem one’s own wisdom

三. 不合一的門徒變成始終合一的使徒
Incompatible disciples changed to always united apostles

1. 相信耶穌,跟隨耶穌,卻始終彼此相爭
Believe in Jesus, follow Jesus, still fighting with one another

2. 禱告、愛主,被聖靈充滿卻不合一的教會
Church that fills with prayers, love for the Lord and the holy spirit is still not united

3. 預先所知道的人…… 羅Rom8:29-30
Those that are foreknown

4. 榮耀與合一的互動圖 約Joh 17:22
The interactive graph for glory and unity

5. 榮耀與合一的結果
The result of glory and unity

(1) 權柄 Authority
(2) 喜樂 Joy
(3) 聖潔 Holiness
(4) 真理 Truth
(5) 吸引力、影響力 Attraction and influence
(6) 得勝的能力 Power to conquer
(7) 宣教的能力 Power for mission