I am my beloved’s, my beloved is mine

張恩年牧師 Pastor Joshua
雅歌 6:3

(一)自卑自我:黑卻秀美的沙崙玫瑰、谷中百合(v.1:5, 2:1)
1. Inferiority and ego: A dark but lovely rose of Sharon, lily of the valleys

2. Legality hill and the world: The little foxes ruining the vineyards

(三、四)倚靠:從曠野上來的新婦戰士(v.3:6, 6:3)
3 & 4. Trust: The warrior bride who comes up from the wilderness

(五、六)回應愛:在園中牧養小妹的生命樹(v.7:10, 8:13)
5 & 6. Respond to Love: The tree of life shepherding the little sisters in the garden