經文:創世記 35:1-36:8

一、神憐憫:走信心路 (35:1-8) God shows mercy: Walk the path of faith
1. 絕境中神帶領 v.1
Led by God in desperation
2. 雅各上行築壇 v.2-7
Jacob goes up to build the altar
3. 脫離欺父的咒詛 v.8 Freed from the curse of deceiving his father

二、神祝福:傳承應許 (35:9-15)
God blesses him: inherit the promises
1. 看見神領受應許 v.9-13 Behold God and receive the promise
2. 重建伯特利神的殿 v.14-15 Rebuild the house of God at Bethel

三、神保守:得父祝福 (35:16-36:8) God protects him: Receive father’s blessing
1. 不停踏上歸家路 v.16-26
Return home non-stop
2. 與父和好得祝福 v.27-29
Reconcile with his father and be blessed
3. 以掃離家往以東 36:1-8
Esau leaves home for Edom