心版八九十,手口心 歸神
Heartify the 8th, 9th and 10th: Hands, mouths and hearts all unto God

張恩年牧師 Pastor Joshua
出埃及記 20:15-17

1、正直真實又知足 (出Exo 20:15-17)
Upright, honest and content

a. 第八誡:不偷盜,卻要努力工作,親手做好事
8th Commandment: Do not steal, but work hard and do good deeds with your own hands

b. 第九誡:棄絕謊言,向鄰舍說實話
9th Commandment: Reject lies and speak the truth to your neighbor

c. 第十誡:不要貪婪,要知足感恩喜樂
10th Commandment: Do not be covetous, be content with gratitude and joy

2、領受神同在,活出神形像(出Exo 20:1-17)
Receive the presence of God and live out the image of God