經文:箴言 Proverbs 3:1-12

一、常常抓緊神 v.1-4
Hold on to God Always

A.緊抓神的話 v.1-2
Hold Fast to God’s Word

B.不離神的慈愛誠實 v.3-4
Do Not Depart from God’s Love and Faithfulness

二、凡事倚靠神 v.5-8
Trust in God in All Things

A.靠神不靠己 v.5-6
Trust in God and not Oneself

B.不自以為智慧 v.7-8
Do Not be Wise in Own Eyes

三、一心以神為主 v.9-12
Honor God as the Lord with All Your Heart

A.以最好的尊榮神 v.9-10
Honor God with the Best

B.不輕看神的管教 v.11-12
Do Not Despise God’s Discipline