經文: 以賽亞書Isaiah 9:1-7

一.神應許奇妙2017 v.1
God promised a wonderful 2017
From distress to light
From contempt to glory

二.必看見奇妙得勝 v.2-5
Shall see wonderful victory
1.看見大光 v.2
Saw a great light
2.倍增與喜樂 v.3
Multiply and rejoice
3.重軛折斷 v.4
Yokes shattered
4.大大得勝 v.5
Great victory

三.神奇妙的同在 v.6-7
God’s wonderful presence
1.五個名字 v.6
Five names
2.國權穩定到永遠 v.7
His government shall be no end