經文: 以賽亞書Isaiah 25

一奇妙的逆轉勝 v.1-5
Wonderful Reversal of Fate
1.以忠信誠實行奇妙的事 v.1
Do Wonderful Things in Faithfulness and Truth
2.急難中的保障 v.4
Stronghold to the Needy in Distress

二.奇妙的山上筵席 v.6-8
Wonderful Mountain top Banquet
1.在敵前設擺筵席 v.6
Prepare a Banquet before Enemies
2.吞滅死亡到永遠 v.8
Swallowed up Death forever

三.奇妙的救恩雙手 v.9-12
Wonderful hands of Salvation
1.素來等候,他必拯救 v.9
We Wait for His Salvation
2.奇妙的救恩雙手 v.10-12
Wonderful Hands of Salvation