天國第三福:柔和的人 得地,得平安!
The third blessing of the Kingdom of Heaven: the soft shall be given the earth and peace!
(太Matt 5:5,11:29;賽Is 61;詩Ps 37:4,11)

1. 柔和的人 (太Matt 5:5a,11:29;詩Ps 37:1,11)
The soft

2. 有福了 (太Matt 5:5b;賽Is 61:1,9;路Luke 4:18,21)
Blessed are

3. 必承受地土 (太Matt 5:5c;賽Is 61:7,11;詩Ps 37:4,11)
Shall inherit the earth

4. 滿有平安 (太Matt 11:29;詩Ps 37:11)
Have abundant peace