經文:啟示錄 2:1-7

一. 滿心勞苦工作 v.1-3
Full of hard work and patience
1.努力工作 v.2a; 徒Acts 19:9-10
Work hard
2.不容忍惡人 v.2b
Cannot bear wicked men
3.卻容忍勞苦 v.3
But bear the hardships

二.恢復起初的愛 v.4-6
Restore the first love
1.不可離棄首先的愛 v.4
Do not forsake your first love
2.要作首先的工 v.5; 徒Acts 2:42-47,19:17-20
Do your first works
3.不放縱情慾 v.6
Do not indulge in flesh

三.得勝得生命 v.7
Overcome and receive life
Hear what the Spirit says
Receive the fruit of life