經文:加拉太書 5

一、站立得穩 脫離奴僕挾制 v.1-12
Stand firm, free from the yoke of slavery

1. 倚靠律法 失去救恩 v.1-4
By the Law, lose salvation

2. 倚靠聖靈 因信稱義 v.5-6
By the Spirit, justified by faith

二、靠著聖靈 抵擋肉體放縱 v.13-26
By the Spirit, resist fleshly indulgence

1. 彼此服事 愛人如己 v.13-15
Serve one another, love neighbors as oneself

2. 順著聖靈 勝過情慾 v.16-26