Return to the bosom of the Father

怎樣才能有單純的心? 張牧師將帶我們一同回到天父的懷抱裡,領受兒子的心!

經文:路Luke 15:11-32; 出Exo 20:1-3

1. 成為 pure and simple的兒子 (v.11-19)
Become the pure and simple son

a. 不要看利益過於關係 (v.11-12)
Do not value interest over relationship

b. 不要看doing過於 being (v.13-19)
Do not value doing above being

2. 回應天父的愛與信任 (v.20-22; 25-31)
Respond to the love and trust of the Father

a. 要接受 Receive (v.20-22)
b. 不要拒絕 Do not reject (v. 25-31)

3. 與天父一同歡喜快樂 (出20:1-3;路15:23-24,32)
Rejoice and celebrate with the Father