一、知道神真在教會中 v.1-3
Know that God is in the Church

1. 知道拒絕惡人假使徒 v.2
Reject the wicked and false apostle

2. 知道我們勞苦不乏倦 v.3
Know that we endured hardship without weariness

二、神栽種生命樹教會 v.4-6
God plants the Tree of Life Church

1. 抓蟲:失去起初愛心 v.4
Debug: Forsaken first love

2. 扶正:要行起初的事 v.5
Straighten: Do the things done at first

3. 施肥:讚美樣式像神 v.6
Fertilize: Praise for the likeness of God

三、要成為生命樹教會 v.7
Become the Tree of Life Church