經文:啟示錄 3:7-13

一.恩典中,仍然掙扎 v.7-10
Struggle in the midst of Grace
1.主道中動搖 v.7-8
Wavering in the Word of God
2.爭戰中動搖 v.9
Wavering in battle
3.試煉中動搖 v.10
Wavering in trial

二. 盼望中,持守所有的 v.11
Hold Fast to the Faith in Hope

三. 順服中,反敗為勝 v.12-13
Obedience Turns defeat into Victory
1.作柱子 v.12a
Become the Pillar
2.得新名 v.12b
Receive New Name
3.聽聖靈的話 v.13
Listen to the Words of the Spirit