不再放縱 走出壓抑
No more indulgence, come out of suppression

經文:路加福音 15:11-32

一. 自我放縱 乜都冇 v.11-16
Self-indulgence, losing everything

A.冇關係 – 棄掉親情,終失友情 v.11-12
Lose relationship – forsake family relationship and even friendship

B.冇身家 – 揮霍錢財,一無所有 v.13-14
Lose possession – squander money, end up with nothing

C.冇得食 – 貪酒好食,與豬爭食 v.15-16
Lose food – crave for wine and food, longed to have pig’s food

二. 自我壓抑 實爆煲 v.25-30
Self-suppression, emotional outburst

A. 爆憤怒 關係斷 v.25-28
Fits of rage, break relationships

B. 飆狠話 人傷痛 v.29-30
Ruthless words, hurt others

三. 與父關係真連結 v.17-24; 31-32
True relationship with father

A. 醒悟回頭 齊喜樂 v.17-24
Come back to senses, rejoice together

B. 勇敢表達 真繼承 v.31-32
Boldly express, receive true inheritance