一、得見神榮耀 1:4-28
Saw the Glory of God

1.四活物的異象 1:4-21
Visions Of the Four Living Creatures

Just as servants

b.順服聖靈 1:12,20
Submit to the Spirit of God

2.榮耀寶座 1:22-28
The Glorious Throne

a.寶座前的大軍 1:22-25
The Great Army before the Throne

b.榮耀的光輝 1:26-28
The Brilliant Light

Received the Glorious Anointing

1.敏銳聖靈帶領的恩膏 1:3;2:2;3:12;3:14
Sensitive to the Leading of the Holy Spirit

2.先知的恩膏 2:1-7
Anointing of the Prophet

3.教師的恩膏 2:8-3:4,10-11
Anointing of the Teacher

4.守望的恩膏 3:12-21
Anointing of the Watchman