New Wine / I’ve Got The Joy / Come Holy Spirit / Shekinah Glory

1) New Wine
By Robert & Lea Sutanto

I can feel
A great anointing in this place
Yes the Holy Spirit’s moving
Bringing healing through God’s grace
I can see
The Holy Spirit at work right here
To awaken all the people of God

This is the day, today the Lord has made
The time of freedom has arrived
The bonds of sin
He comes to break away
Let’s shout aloud and praise His Name

New wine falling, bringing fresh anointing
Filling us with overwhelming joy
Oil that’s flowing with a great anointing
To declare the power of the Lord

2) I’ve Got The Joy
Words and Music by David Hall and Victor Row
@ World Harvest Music Australia

There’s anointing in the air
I can feel it everywhere
I’ve got power in my soul
So let the river flow
Can you hear the rushing wind
It’s blowing deep within

My spirit is alive
My life has been revived

I’ve got the Joy
I’ve got the peace of mind
I’ve got the faith in the Holy Ghost
That fills me every day
I’ve got the life
I’ve got the melody
I’ve got the Word
The Word of God that sets me free

3) Come Holy Spirit
Caroline Then, City Harvest Church, 2005

Come Holy Spirit fall on me now
I need Your anointing, come in Your power
I love You Holy Spirit
You’re captivating my soul
And everyday I grow to love You more

I’m reaching for Your heart
You hold my life in Your hand
Drawing me closer to You
I feel Your power renew
Nothing compares to this place
Where I can see You face to face
I worship You in Spirit and in truth

4) Shekinah Glory
Jaye Thomas, Laura Hackett, Caleb Culver, Seth Yates

We wait for You, we wait for You
We wait for You to walk in the room
Here we are standing in Your presence
Here we are, standing in Your presence

Shekinah glory come down
Shekinah glory come down
Release the fullness of Your Spirit
Shekinah glory come
Shekinah glory come

You move, we want more
You speak, we want more

You move, we want more
We want the fullness

We want more, we want more
We want more, we want more
We want more, we want more
More of Your Spirit